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Tubi 60 – one the best herbal liqueurs of our time

Tubi 60 was born out of a desire to create a spirit superior to the masses. Obtained from high-quality and natural ingredients, it impresses with taste, versatility and effect - a top-notch drink.

The Tubi effect: pure happiness

For Tubi fans, the herbal liqueur makes them feel happy nonstop. Enjoy an ice-cold shot, a tasting experience that doesn't burn one bit. In long drinks with tonic water, soda, mate or juices, the delicious liqueur also proves what it can do. No matter whether long drinks or shots - Tubi 60 is an absolute allrounder.


ABV: 40%

Weight: 1,2 kg (770ml)



Tubi 60

SKU: tubi1234
  • A Shot: a freezer-chilled Tubi shot is as perfect as a shot can get. It is extremely smooth and have almost zero blow-back. It set a whole new standard for shots.

    Mix it: Tubi can be mixed with soda, tonic, juices and mate. Whatever you choose to mix it with, you're gonna be asking for a refill very quickly.

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