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What is mastiha?

A resin obtained from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) and traditionally produced in tears exclusively on the island of Chios in Greece.


Truly Meditearranean Spirit

Skinos is the ancient name for Mastiha. The taste of this transparent spirit is sometimes difficult to describe: it smells like a Mediterranean hillside covered with wild herbs like crushed juniper and freshly cut mint leaves , like aromas of rain impregnated cedarwood and violet essential oil.
Slightly sweet yet fresh, with delicate flavor and balance that makes it extremely "flexible". It can be served neat, chilled, as an aperitif or digestif, or used in cocktails and even as a flavor enhancer in the kitchen giving a distinct Mediterranean touch.


Our truth

Skinos unleashes the Greek Summer Spirit in you, stirs your truths up and invites you to celebrate your freedom.

ABV: 30%

Origin: Greece

Skinos Mastiha Liqure

  • For your convenience, Please Find a Selection Of Very easy to make Delicious Skinos Cocktails... Must Try "Salty Skin" Yummy Yummy..




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