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It begins in 1834 when King Otto decided that Athens should be reborn as the Greek capital, due to his sentimental love of it's storied history. In celebration of the new era, Ioannis Vouher was tasked with creating the first Greek vermouth by King Otto, honoring ancient tradition. Crafted using wine from the attica area Infused with wormwood, rose petals, citrus fruit, vanilla, thyme and oregano this is a vermouth that's great with tonic or soda in an Otto's and Bubbles.


Flavor Profile

Nose: Notes of rose petal and oregano, with some hints of citrus fruits.

Palate: Pleasant sweetness is balanced with fresh lemon and a touch of vanilla.

Finish: A slightly bitter lingering that's teaming with orange freshness. Delightful.


Producer website

Otto’s Athens Vermouth (750ml, 17%)

    • Otto’s 40ml
    • Gin 15ml
    • Campari 10ml
    • Orange zest

    Method: add Otto’s, Gin and Campari in a mixing glass with ice, stir all the ingredients and serve in an old fashioned glass with ice. Top up with soda and garnish with orange zest.
    Glass: old fashioned

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