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SILVA – stands for natural refreshment based on Verjus. Verjus is an ancient specialty made of green, unripe grapes called “ver jus”, which means “green juice” in French. In order to produce Verjus, the grapes need to be harvested at the stage, when they are not yet ripe, but have the perfect level of acidity. By harvesting the grapes at this early stage, neither histamine nor alcohol has developed yet, which makes Verjus a particularly wholesome speciality drink. The story of the slightly sour grape juice goes back to ancient history, when it was known to show a strengthening effect and was used against indigestion. However, Verjus was used much more than just for medicinal reasons - the juice was appreciated as an acidifier as well as a seasoning. People back then already loved to mix it with water to enjoy as a very refreshing drink. Up until the 19th century, Europeans made use of Verjus‘ unique taste before it was replaced by lemon juice and vinegar. Lately, Verjus is experiencing a renaissance due to its fruitymild sourness where it is being used for recipes in the kitchen as well as for trendy new and refreshing drinks at the bar

SILVA THE VERJUS DRINK 200ml * 12 Bottles

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