70 CL – 40% ALC/VOL
Lavish Premium Vodka is a modern vodka, filled with flavour, style and quality. The vodka is created in the province of Wielkopolska, Poland and is manufactured exclusively from natural ingredients.

100% fine rye/wheat and pristine artesian spring water filtered and purified to perfection. As we filter the vodka at Lavish five times, we establish its signature crisp and clean taste. Rich, yet smooth. Mellow, yet distinctive. Simply extraordinary vodka as we know how to make it.

Lavish Vodka 40%

  • Lavish Premium Vodka has been awarded the 'Superior Taste Award' by the renowned
    International Taste Institute in Brussels.Experience the distinctive taste of our Premium Vodka!

  • Our vision is to be a benchmark in the market, with a brand that is admired and favored in our sector. We
    are an independent, successful, young and creative company, and we want to remain so in the future. We
    strive in all areas for the highest possible quality. To reach this premium goal, we build our products on
    excellence combined with good craftsmanship and constant quality control. We work with competent
    and reliable partners. The relationship with our stakeholder is marked by commitment, fairness and